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Scroll to Top link FF1+ IE7+ Opr9+ This is a no fuss script for automatically scrolling the page back to the very top when invoked. For long pages, having a scroll to top link makes good usability sense, and with this script, it's dead simple to add one to your pages. The standonly script doesn't rely on any JS script library (such as jQuery).
Bootstrap's .btn-link has no button styling. It looks like a normal link. An example use case for this is when a backend requires a form submission (such as a session-based form wizard), but you want the back object to only show as a text link (not a button).
Visit your browser store to install the Cash Back Button. For Chrome and Safari, follow the additional steps to make sure the Button is added to your browser’s toolbar. Chrome. After installing the Button, select the puzzle piece icon in the upper-right corner to open your Extensions. Select the pin icon next to the Rakuten extension.