Aug 14, 2018 · Viewers are taken into some of the most dangerous prisons around the world, getting to see what being locked up is actually like in Inside The World's Toughest Prisons. Channel 5 first ran the series, and now it is available to stream on Netflix with loads of extra episodes and footage, so you can binge watch to your heart's desire.
Castration is sometimes a punishment for rape and, controversially, some U.S. jurisdictions allow shorter sentences for sex criminals who agree to voluntary chemical castration. In the past, rape was often punished with death, and it is punishable by death in at least 9 countries today: China , Afghanistan , United Arab Emirates , Egypt , Iran ...
In 2015, Michigan – the first jurisdiction in the English-speaking world to abolish capital punishment in 1846, and a state home to troubled urban centers like Detroit – registered a lower murder rate than 11 states which still enforce the death penalty.
The Round North Island Two Handed Race (RNI2h) is referred to as “one of the toughest yacht races in the world”. Started by Sir Peter Blake in 1982, it is held every three years. The race starts and finishes in Auckland and has a rhumb-line, or direct route, total distance of 1,244 nautical miles or 2,304 km.